Supporting All Nationalities & Religions Supporting All Nationalities & Religions

We recognise that Carers or their family members who have moved to the UK from another country, may struggle to access help and worry if support will be culturally sensitive.  Our staff can offer you help if you need translated written information or to speak to someone in your own language.  They will take your cultural and religious beliefs into account when offering support and will always keep your information confidential.

On this page you can find information on how to access services if you speak a different language as well as helpful links on the right hand side of the page to culturally sensitive services available.

How to access services if you speak a different language

Seeking help can he hard at the best of times, but if you are a Carer and speak a different language, this can feel even harder.  When you register with our service we will ask you about your ethnic background and check if you need written information in another language or if you need to speak to someone in your own language.  We have staff who speak Polish, Serbo- Croatian, Slovak, Czech, Punjabi, Urdu and Hindi, if you need to speak to someone in another language, we can arrange an interpreter.  We will listen to the things you feel are important to make sure you get the right help.  This may include your religion and traditions your community observes.

We can provide help with accessing services by: 

  • Helping to look for services in your area
  • Talking to organisations on your behalf
  • Arranging interpreters for meetings
  • Explaining how processes work and how long they take
  • Listening and talking to you in confidence
  • Ensuring you are not left to cope on your own

We can meet you at home, our office or another place you feel comfortable or we can speak to you on the phone or via email.

Here are some of the types of things Carers have asked us to help with:

  • “My grandparents get confused and distressed at hospital appointments as they only speak Cantonese. I cannot always go with them as I work. Can you help?”
  • “How can I find Arabic speaking carers, to help me look after my elderly mother?”
  • “My daughter is depressed and I feel so helpless. I need somebody to talk to in Urdu but I am worried about people finding out. Who can I call in confidence?”
  • “My polish friend is struggling with money. She needs help with carers benefits and filling in forms. Who can help?”
  • “My son is disabled and I need some help. My partner has left and I have no family in the UK. I don’t know where to start.”