Multiple Identities When Caring Multiple identities when caring

Carers with multiple identities

Letting a carers support worker know you are gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender will be a big enough decision to make for most. If you are from a black, Asian or other ethnic minority group, this decision is likely to be given even greater thought and consideration. Are you opening the door to be discriminated against on multiple levels?

Research by Stonewall, shows that black and minority ethnic groups face an overwhelming assumption from service providers that they are heterosexual and there are little opportunities for people to correct that assumption. Many felt it was harder to disclose their sexual orientation later, when it was already assumed they were heterosexual.

Carers face many challenges and decisions when looking after the needs of someone else. They often experience difficulty in getting the help they need and their own health is often impacted, suffering from stress and anxiety and worry. Our organisation is taking positive steps to try and tackle additional worries people with multiple identities may face when looking for help.

Our staff will ask about your sexual orientation when you register with us. We will not presume if you are black or from another ethnic minority group that you are heterosexual when asking for help.

If you do not want to tell us until you get to know us, our organisation is working hard to provide a safe and welcoming environment for if and when you feel the time is right.

With all the things carers have to worry, we don’t want you to have to worry about how we will respond if you tell us you are gay, lesbian bisexual or transgender as well.