The Carer Learning & Wellbeing Programme CLWP
The Carer Learning & Wellbeing Programme is designed to offer you support in your caring role and help maintain your own wellbeing, brought to you by Carers Support West Sussex in association with the NHS Carers Health Team. 

We are running 11 sessions across 11 locations until July 2018, all sessions will be available in all locations

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All sessions are bookable through Eventbrite or by phoning our Response Line on 0300 028 8888

Creativity & You:  Learning creative ways to express and process your emotions as a carer
Caring: The Ever Changing Role:  This is an interactive group workshop that looks at changes experienced by carers and how to manage them
Communicating With Confidence: Provides you with tips and techniques on how to be more assertive when meeting with professionals to ensure you get what you need for yourself and the person you care for
Healthy Relationships: Keeping your relationships with others positive when you are in a caring role can be difficult at times. This session offers helpful advice and techniques on how to better manage those relationships
Everyday First Aid:  Provides guidance in basic first aid, wound and pressure area care
Living With Guilt:  Many carers feel guilty about emotions, feelings and aspects of their lives. This session helps carers learn to live positively with their emotions
Wills & Power of Attorney:  Offers a step by step guide to writing a will for yourself and the process of gaining the power of attorney for the person you care for
Relaxation Techniques: Covers mindfulness and relaxation techniques designed to reduce stress in your everyday life
Employment & Volunteering:  Whether you’re thinking about returning to work or looking at a volunteering role, this session can guide you through the process
Cognitive Stimulation Therapy:  A programme of themed activities designed to improve the mental abilities and memory of someone with Dementia. Learn some practical and straightforward tips to use at home
Stay Safe & Steady:  This session includes back care advice for carers, tips to fall-proof your house and general advice on maintaining balance and mobility