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Welcome to the fifth edition of Carers Voice E-newsletter

In October and November Carers Voice members met in Crawley and Pulborough. Members enjoyed the social meetings and stressed the importance of ‘time out for Carers’. We plan to arrange more relaxing events for Carers in the New Year so watch this space.

Carers suggested to change the format of Carers Voice meetings for the new year. They suggested the Carers Voice coordinator should visit the Carers groups around the county. It will help increase the attendance at current groups and will also help to get more carers involved in the consultation.

There are more than fifty Carers groups run by Carers support staff and volunteers around the county. The list can be accessed on the website under  'Find Support Near You' or click here.

Carers Voices Together West Sussex

Carers Voice members have been busy planning for the ‘Carers Voices Together West Sussex’ conference which is taking place on 25th March 2015 in Arundel. If you would like to be part of the planning group please email:  or


The New Care Act

WSCC is currently carrying out a consultation about the new Care Act. If you would like to be part of the consultation and require a hard copy of the questionnaire please call and request it on 0300 028 8888 and we will send you a copy through the post.

From April 2015 local authorities will have new duties to make sure that people in their area:

  • receive services to prevent their care needs from becoming more serious or delay the impact of their needs
  • can get information and advice they need to make good decisions about care and support 
  • have a range of high-quality care providers to choose between

The consultation ends on the 11th February 2015 and a report will be published on the County Council website in March 2015 at

Carers Voice Members Visit World Buffet

Carers voice members enjoyed a lovely world buffet at Charlie Choy's in Crawley. Here is some feedback:

  • "Lovely day & good food. Can we have more things like this in Worthing?"
  • "Excellent, really surprised as everyone is so friendly as I hadn't met these people before. I would love to come again. Highly recommended to lift up carers spirits" (Ivy Frost, Crawley).
  • "Enjoyed meeting new people, nice surroundings, enjoyable meal. Sit and Chat."
  • "Great food with great company and nice friends." (Gary, Sarah Page)

  • "Very supportive group. Informative meeting. A lot of useful experiences and information around the table." (Horsham carer)
  • "Had a wonderful lunch with a great group of carers. I learnt a lot about other carers and the daily tackles they have. This is a brilliant day to gain other carers’ experiences." (Veena). 
  • "Very yummy and enjoyable, thank you for a lovely meal!"
  • "Beautiful venue, delicious food and lovely company." Saira Bokharia 

Carers Voice Members Enjoying a Healthy Walk

Carers Voice members met in October 2014 at the Pulborough Brooks RSPB centre. Carers enjoyed a healthy lunch and a walk around the centre.

Carers Voice members have played a considerable role in improving services at CSWS.

Over the past year they have participated in many consultations, public meetings, interviewing new staff members, reviewing our website, producing publicity material and representing Carers at national and local levels.

Our team at CSWS would like to thank Carers Voice members for their outstanding efforts and support in strengthening the Carers Voice.

Looking at Happiness (Carer Voices) - A Carers Poem

Just as you think it is safe to be happy again
A little trial drops by to even up the status quo
Why don’t we know that the happiness hormone is still there to be accessed if needed?
Why do we negate great times by replacing them with anger and resentment?
Time passes and nothing lasts forever
Therefore the hurt will pass and can stay on the back burner if we keep the kitchen tidy.
Keep the happiness thought
Keep the smile outside and it will set off a light inside without us knowing.
Sleep will come if we talk our-self into a happy thought,
Our body does not know it is just a thought.
Chocolate candles lit can invoke pleasure as well as the real thing.
Therefore maybe smiles and laughter can be prioritised to keep bad thoughts at bay?
Imagination is the key to building our imaginary castle in the sky.
The castle and that pretend life might help to overpower the reality of our tiny space.
It might help us to feel reassured and satisfied?
Tricking our thoughts and brain to release happy hormones might be the key to happiness?
Especially when there are dark days and dark thoughts.
It can be safe to come out of the water,
Swim back and enjoy lying on the warm sand.

(Anonymous Carer)

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