Carers Health Team Carers Health Team

'Someone listened to my worries about my wife’s health, and then did something about it’

The Carers Health Team is a team of health professionals working with Sussex Community NHS Trust, who will work with any carer over the age of 18 who would like to improve their physical or emotional health.  The Carers Health Team works closely with NHS specialist services, social & caring services and voluntary & community services and will link carers with these services when appropriate.  They can provide information and advice on specific health conditions, managing medicines as well as practical advice on the caring environment (safe lifting and handling, healthy eating, risk minimisation), and are happy to arrange appointments to visit carers in their own home at a time to suit their needs, including outside of Monday-Friday 9am – 5pm hours.  However, the Carers Health Team is not an emergency service. 

You don’t need your GP or another organisation to refer you, you can contact them yourself if you’d like to find out more about how they can work with you to improve your health:

North Carers Health Team

Phone: (01403) 227000 ext 7613 / 7686


South Carers Health Team

Phone: (01243) 623521


Other health services can be accessed via your GP practice – for instance did you know that carers are entitled to free flu jabs in their own right; and most GP practices keep a Carers Register, so that they know who who are carers and can offer flexibility with appointments to make the caring role easier.