Respite and Breaks Respite and Breaks

'I desperately needed some time to myself before I forgot that I was a person in my own right.  You helped me to get some regular time away so I could be myself again’.

Being able to recharge your batteries is an important part of most people’s daily lives, and is especially important for carers, who can feel isolated as well as experience back pain, stress and other conditions as a result of their caring role. 

Respite can mean different things to different people – it might be residential respite for the person you care for so you can stay at home and have some time to yourself. It might be meaningful day time activities for the person you care for.  Or you might have a different idea altogether about what a break means to you.  We can tell you about respite and other opportunities that are available to suit your suitation.  Or we can give you some ideas for you to make your own enquiries, depending on what you like to do.  We may be able to help with paying towards the cost of this, through our Carer Wellbeing Fund.

Just give us a call on 0300 028 888 and we can tell you more.