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Maximise Your State Pension

THOUSANDS of people with caring responsibilities are failing to claim credits which could boost their pension by hundreds of pounds a year.

Just one in 20 of those eligible is estimated to have signed to receive Carer’s Credit which fills gaps in their National Insurance contributions

Doing so adds more than £200 a year to their state pension entitlement.

Pensions minister Baroness Altmann is calling on carers to check they are signed up and urges others to spread the word.

Only 11,000 people are claiming the credit but about 200,000 are thought to be eligible.

Who Is It For

The credit is designed for those who are caring for others for 20 hours or more per week and do not qualify for Carer’s Allowance.

If you are receiving Carers Allowance,Carers Credits are paid automatically.

It helps carers to continue to build the amount of state pension they will receive, so they can protect their future pension while carrying out their caring responsibilities.

Signing up for the credit can particularly help older women.

Women make up 130,000 – or 65 per cent – of those who could be eligible and two-thirds of those with caring responsibilities who could apply are estimated to be over 50.

Why Apply

If carers are not working full-time, these credits can fill gaps in their National Insurance record – helping to bolster the amount of state pension they will receive.

“It is straightforward to apply and doesn’t cost anything.

"There is nothing to lose by signing up and money to gain for the future.

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