Equipment For Peace of Mind & Independence Equipment for Peace of Mind & Independence

Equipment for Independence is a FREE trial of simple home based technology equipment. The 3 month trial aims to promote peace of mind and security for both you and the person you are caring for. The equipment is available to ALL carers who are registered with Carers Support West Sussex and who care for someone living in the county of West Sussex.

There are many different types of equipment available to carers through the Scheme including:

· GPS trackers for those who are at risk of wandering or getting lost
· Digital video monitors with audio and visual alerts
· Movement activated lights
· Specialist Clocks and Telephones and Pill dispensers, both large and small .

These are just some of the examples of what is available, there is much, much more. When you call our Wellbeing workers will be able to talk you through other items that may be suitable to your individual caring role.

Please contact our friendly team to find out more by phoning 0300 028 8888.

Medication Reminder and Dispenser
Fall, Flood and Movement Detectors
Locator for someone at risk of getting lost