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Carers Support Provides Free, Confidential And Impartial Information And Support to Carers in West Sussex.

An unpaid carer may be family, a friend, parent or partner caring for someone with additional needs, an illness, frailty, disability or drug or alcohol problem. If you are looking after a relative, friend or neighbour who could not manage without your help, then you are a carer.

When we use the word carer in this site we mean anyone who has extra responsibilities from looking after or helping to look after someone.

 Carers normally have other responsibilities such as:

• Continuing to go out to work
• Young carers and adult carers go to school or college
• Doing the shopping
• Looking after the home
• Looking after the rest of the family

Carers are people of all ages from all cultures, backgrounds and walks of life. Caring groups can include:

• Parents of pre-school and school age children with additional or special needs -
   Parent Carers
• Carers looking after someone who has a mental health problem - Mental Health Carers
• Carers under the age of 18 - Children with Caring Responsibilities - Young Carers
• Carers who are themselves over retirement age - Older Carers

Whilst these groupings help describe particular types of needs so that we offer the right advice and services in reality as a carer, you may feel that you do not fit into any group. Whatever your own caring situation we will support your needs as an individual.