Vision & Values

Our Vision is for all family and friends carers across West Sussex:

  • to be listened to and valued;
  • to have their rights and needs met;
  • to be given a strong voice in shaping carer support and services.

Our Values:

  • Carers at our heart’….we put carers at the heart of all we do to achieve the best personal outcomes for each carer.
  • Working together for carers’….we are committed to working in partnership with carers and other organisations.
  • ‘Listening to carers’…..we welcome innovation and creative carer-led solutions to achieve the results carers want.

We will achieve our vision through the following strategic aims:

  • Supporting carers to have a good quality of life and to be able to look after their own health and wellbeing.
  • Helping carers to have access to an early offer of information, guidance and support.
  • Encouraging independence so that carers have a choice of a life alongside their caring role including a social life, education, employment or volunteering.
  • Ensuring carers voices can be heard and that carers are valued and recognised as expert partners in care.