Compliments and Complaints

Feedback is vital to make sure we are providing a quality service to carers.Our teams welcome your comments and suggestions and take every opportunity to continuously improve our standards across all services for carers.  If you are a carer or colleague, please do pass on any feedback you wish us to take into account and feel free to raise any concern or complaint.  You will be assured of a carer-friendly response.

We consider it very important that carers and others can be part of any process to resolve difficulties. Our staff will do their best to ensure you are regularly updated on progress of any investigation and are informed of the outcome within a realistic timescale.

Sending us your Feedback

You can send us feedback by completing the Feedback form on the right of this page.
or if you prefer, you can complete our online survey Here

Alternativley you can follow our compliments and complaints procedure which can be downloaded to the right of this page.