Carers of Adults with a learning disability

Hi Everyone,

We are coming across some cases  carers of adults with a learning disability who are not being asked or referred into speak with one of us.

Please do always ask LD carers whether already registered with us, or new to us if you could ask one of us to give them a call.

LD carers are a small proportion of the population. We get a small number of new registrations so every one that does not come through to us we may never reach again.

With our specialist knowledge we provide support and information that will support the person they care for and themselves.

Please support LD carers  by:

  • Every contact ask them if they would like to speak to and be referred to one of our  learning disability workers.

  • Avoid using the word “ team”, they have had “ teams” in their lives for years, or cannot get hold of one when they want one!  they don’t need a team they need a person!

  • Refer them to our workers to receive information about LD services, changes  that are coming up.

  • Always ask them if they would like to receive LD information about services  and tick LD information on Subscription tab, if they decline the newsletter, or  tick both!

  • Be aware they have been caring for an extremely long time ( lifelong)  and as such don’t always view their concerns ( or own needs)  as ‘important’ but, are nonetheless needing some support.

  • Remember that they are likely to be very focussed on the person they care for and their needs. A call on SPOC is unlikely to be how this changes. They may not sound like they want or need support for themselves. But they will be interested in keeping in contact for information for the person they care for, and this is important to their resilience and tools for caring. You are unlikely to have the information and knowledge about what can support the person they care for.

We rely on you to help us reach carers who may have been caring for decades and doing it well but who would like to know we are here.

Please do email any of us if you want to know more and how to help, what the issues are for LD Carers.

From Audrey, Cathy and Sheryl , the learning disability carer support workers..