Following last month’s engagement with Cloud 9, our preferred solution provider, we have all but completed the follow up work to refine the specification, agree a price and sign the contract. It has taken Rachael and I several iterations to agree the specification. Subject to Steering Committe sign-off on the 30th – unlike Brexit – we may well have done the deal by Halloween. If not we will be a matter of days away dues to some minor legal text needing to be altered. Hopefully that does not sound too familiar. This will fire the starting gun and will see a flurry of activity to kick the project off with the core team, finalise the project plan and engage fully with the provider to develop the new CRM. This result does not depend on a vote in ‘The House’, so we can be confident of progression thereafter!!

We are all looking forward to making swift progress and getting our hands on the system to test it! Further information will follow about the project once we have got the contract signed. Thanks for everyone involved over the last month in maintaining the momentum.

Roger Bateman