CES has received enquiries for equipment that will support people with vision impairments. We do not believe we are qualified to advise on this and would suggest you direct any carer who makes such an enquiry, to 4Sight for advice and guidance.

The following article has been prepared for us by 4Sight.

4Sight Vision Support: Making a positive difference for people living with sight loss. For nearly 100 years, 4Sight Vision Support have been the leading sight loss charity supporting the visually impaired community of West Sussex.

They have a team of Outreach workers who support people across the county to maintain and transform their own lives into positive and fulfilling ones after sight loss. They offer a person centred approach when providing information, guidance, advice, advocacy and training, so that people are better informed to make choices.

They can provide a Low Vision Assessment as a tool in establishing how to make the best use of remaining vision by ensuring the correct level of magnification is offered and more importantly guidance on how to use a low vision aid correctly.

For more information or to book a Low Vision Assessment, the contact details are:
4Sight Vision Support on 01243 828555 or email: enquiries@4Sight.org.uk