In December, Carers Support was chosen as a local charity partner to the Co-op for their Tilgate store in Crawley. On the 9th April we received our first payment from the Co-op, a wonderful £1,317.92!

When Tilgate Co-op members shop at this store money is automatically donated to us. We receive a donation each time someone purchases Co-op own branded services and products in store and this includes Co—op services purchased outside the store, for example, Co-op home insurance. We also receive donations when people purchase shopping bags in store.

How you can help Carers Support fundraise while you shop

Firstly, you can become a Co-op member by registering here: If you are not local to Tilgate Co-op, you can amend the post code in your membership to become RH10 5EQ so the donation goes to the Tilgate store. When you shop in a Co-op store please always use your membership card and nominate Carers Support.

Carers Support would like to say a massive thank you to the Co-op Tilgate store for choosing us as their local charity partner.

You can support Carers Support today by shopping at the Co-op.