From 4th May 2020 Parent carers will be able to apply for many of the same things for their wellbeing as other carers when applying to the Parent Carer Health and Wellbeing Fund.

Key changes:

  • As with other carers this needs to be centred around what the carer identifies for their own wellbeing, and to help us with that, the new process and applications forms include a criteria of the 5 elements of wellbeing.
  • This removes many of the restrictions that were in place on what parent carers could apply for, for their own wellbeing.
  • There will no longer be a panel every month meeting to look at applications. If there are any exceptional cases this will be reviewed by CSWS Carer Funds Lead and West Sussex Parent Carer Forum.
  • This cuts out a lot of the extra process and time delays for parents applying to this fund.

Staying the same:

  • The different top limit to the amount parent carers can apply for remains in place.

( e.g. up to £150 if are caring for one child, we may consider an additional £50 per child with additional needs with a maximum of £300 agreed in any 12-month period)

  • We administer this on behalf of the West Sussex Parent Carer Forum and they will be handing out application forms to parents they meet at events and when supporting them.

We have worked in partnership within CSWS Carer Funds and Parent Carers Teams and with WSPCF to bring about this change, and we know that this has been an issue that has been a concern to many of you for some time.

Lisa and Penny will be available for a Team Chat  on Friday 24th 11:00-12:00, and Shameem and Penny will be available for a Team Chat on Thursday 30th April 14.30-15:30, re general parent carer queries and any queries regarding these changes. Please let Penny know if you are interested.

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