An update from Roger

Despite the whirlwind of changes and communications associated with COVID-19, the CRM project has continued to progress – largely because we were mostly working remotely any way. Most of the momentum has been maintained throughout March and April which I am very pleased about. We did hit an obstacle regarding data migration, which I am pleased to say we are now over. We are now in the System Testing stage of the project – moving from pure functional checks (my thanks to all those involved) to how the system operates against business processes. This work is being completed by the Core Team Plus, which now includes Dan Hales, Julie Picker and Stacy Bradford – otherwise known as the Dream Team! We are effectively validating the system in a number of stages, all of which will culminate in a “pilot” where we  simulate  the full running of the charity’s support line and associated services. After this we will train staff accordingly. Finally, a note regarding the schedule: Whilst we are somewhat delayed, I am pleased to report that we are still on budget.