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Be the Voice Training

Online training to help Young Adult Carers (aged 18-25 years) to explore practical skills in building confidence and communicating effectively

Young Adult Carers have the opportunity to build their confidence and assertiveness to represent themselves and make their voices heard through our tailored training programme.

Known as ‘Be the Voice’, this is a free training programme for Young Adult Carers registered with our service. The video training programme covers helpful tips and exercises enabling Young Adult Carers’ to have their voices heard.

If you are a Young Adult Carer, you may access this free training programme and learn how to:

• communicate your concerns as a carer more assertively so you are respected and listened to

• self-manage emotions that can affect your ability to self-advocate

• increase your self-confidence when speaking to professionals in the health services (face to face and virtual)

• understand the importance of your role and how you can help represent other Young Adult Carers, so your voices can be heard as a group

‘Be the Voice’ Part One

To access Part One of the training video and resources, please complete this pre-training survey. It will take less that 3 minutes to complete and a link to access the training video will be shared once you have answered all the questions.

If you have any queries or questions, please contact our SHINE Team on 0300 028 8888 or email

‘Be the Voice’ Training is designed and delivered by an experienced trainer – Jo Scott from The Learning Journey.