Small change to CES criteria

Following on from the whole staff Information Exchange, I would like to inform you of a small but significant change to the criteria for CES.

Up until now, the individual CES budget has been “per carer household”.  I am happy to confirm that this is changed with immediate effect to “per cared for person”.  Carers therefore have the opportunity to access the full CES budget of £75 plus VAT & Delivery (total of approximately £100) for each of the people they care for.  It is hoped that this will help those carers who have a multiple caring role and who up until now, have had to make a choice of what caring role receives the benefit of the equipment grant.

New Equipment accessed under CES

I would also like to tell you about a couple of pieces of equipment that you may not have heard about before but that is being accessed under CES.  The first is a Rotary Transfer Cushion  .  This can be used to aid a smooth and easy swivel transfer into and out of a car.  IMPORTANT.  An important point to remember when discussing this particular piece of equipment with carers is that for legal reasons, carers may wish to inform their Car Insurance company that the device is being used.  This is to help prevent any issues around the carer’s car insurance being invalidated in the event of an accident.

The second piece of equipment, is a talking clock which has proven useful to a number of carers whose loved ones have vision impairments.  .  I have created Information handouts for both of these pieces of equipment which you will find on Sharepoint in the Response Line site.