Thank you for your recent support for the equipment service. A little reminder please do not email Lynn Waters but use the CES referrals box ( for:

CES referrals: no change except to put CES REFERRAL in the subject line. You are encouraged to think creatively in the current environment – we do have the flexibility to exceed the carer budget in some case

TEC referrals (now NRS, previously WELbeing): for Response Line workers wanting to make a TEC referral; complete a Support Plan and, unless you have completed the WSCC training, put TEC REFERRAL in the subject line. If you have completed the training please process the referral yourself.

Key safe (with no additional TEC): again into the CES box marked KEYSAFE.

Queries: it’s very important to put QUERY in the subject line.

The additional info in the subject line really helps us prioritise as from next week we will have a number of workers handling queries and referrals. Please try not to promise anything with a quick turnaround.

If you want to find out more about the new NRS TEC contract go to

There will be additional training once the transition is complete.