I have had my first week in my new role as Business Engagement Co-ordinator for a new Carers Discount Card we will be launching soon. The aim of the project is to sign up a range of businesses across West Sussex to offer discounts and special offers to Carers. As an organisation we understand that caring for a family member or friend can have a big impact on finances, social lives, health and wellbeing and access to activities which is the motivation in creating this card as well as developing a network of Carer-friendly businesses.

In order to ensure we are targeting businesses Carers want to access, we will shortly be distributing a survey for both Carers and professionals. I would really appreciate all your help to complete and share the survey. I will shortly be engaging with Support Group Facilitators to explore how to consult with Carers through the groups as well.

Many of us will have personal contacts with businesses across West Sussex who maybe keen to join our Discount Scheme. I would really like your help in sharing these contacts with me so I can explore the discounts they may be able to offer.

I will keep you updated on how the project is progressing in the coming weeks.

Kaye Stanford