We held a photography competition for Carers Week, with the theme Spotlight On Carers. We’re pleased to announce the three winners below.

There were so many fantastic entries and it was hard to pick just three winners. Thank you everyone who entered, we loved seeing all of your photos!

1st Place – Alan Reed

“Like all carers it’s easy to focus on our caring role and forget who we are as individuals. Especially when you care for more than 1 person (I care for 2 and used to care for 3), it would be so simple to become nothing more than just ‘the carer’.

Fortunately I’m able to rent a garage next to our Housing Assoc flat, close enough to be there if my cared-for needs me, but far enough to get some much needed space. A space used mainly for woodworking, often making things for others.

Which, on the day this photo was taken, was some furniture for a disabled neighbour, but my limited self-learnt skills meant it hadn’t worked out as intended. Then, as the day ended, I noticed the fading sunlight on the bench and thought to myself ‘it doesn’t matter’. I made that, I made that as a person. A person with my own choices and not as a carer.”

2nd Place – Claire Herbert

“I chose this photo because I think it’s reflective of the fun we’ve managed to have during lockdown. It’s been intense (Owen has Autism) as it has been just the two of us for the majority of the time but we’ve learnt a lot about each other and made the best of things.”

3rd place – Kate Demuth

“I walk along this path almost every day with my dog Lola. It’s our time to relax and reflect on the day. The sun was so beautiful this particular evening, I felt as if it was drawing me up the path to a wonderful place, I just had to keep walking to get there!”

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