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Parent Carers

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As parents of children with a disability or long term illness life can be incredibly demanding. Many parents spend so much time fighting for support and services for their children that they don’t have time to think about themselves.

If you haven’t already stopped to consider your own emotional and physical health now is the time to do it.  We would love to discuss your situation with you and help you to put together a ‘plan’ to take care of yourself. Part of this plan may include using some of our services:

  • Response Line for guidance and a chance to speak to someone who understands

  • Connections with other local organisations

  • Peer support groups

  • Regular Newsletter and emails

Our Services

Useful Equipment

Links and information

West Sussex Local Offer is the local authority’s website with information about support, services, training workshops, activities and places to go for families.

Reaching Families 

Free handbooks about services and support available in West Sussex; Downloadable fact sheets and Free Workshops and Training for parents e.g.: Challenging behaviour, Sleep issues, Support in schools; Educational health Care Plans; Understanding Anxiety.  Click on the images below to download the handbooks.

Brothers and Sisters

Brothers and Sisters of children with a disability are often called Young Carers. This is because although they may not be directly involved in caring, their home life, school life and friendships are affected.

West Sussex Young Carers


Robert Hayes – Specialist Benefit Advisor for families with children up to 25yrs. Help with Form Filling, Reviews, Appeals, and will represent at Tribunals. One off or on-going advice or support over the phone, through drop in surgeries and home visits


West Sussex Information, Advice and Support Service (IASS) – help and support for parents in getting the right education for their child. Advice and one to one support with statutory assessments and statements or Education Health and Care Plans (EHCP) annual reviews, appeals and tribunals.

Useful Information

Activities and play schemes for children – West Sussex County Council fund different organisations to run activities for children which they call Short Breaks. The activities help them to develop confidence, socialise, build skills for independence and have fun. Some activities don’t require the parent or carer to stay which allows them a short break from caring for their child.

Compass Card – gives discounts on leisure, transport and activities for families in Brighton and Hove and West Sussex

West Sussex Parent Carers ForumRun by parents for parents. Parents can call or e-mail for advice and information around caring for a child with a disability. Web site provides information about Events, Workshops, Training, Campaigns and Support groups across the county. Very active Facebook page/Twitter advertises Events and allows parents to ask questions, swap ideas and support each other.

Aspens (formerly Autism Sussex) Advice line, 1 – 1 behaviour clinics, Workshops, Training and Support groups for parents;   1-1 support and group activities for children and young people with ASC, Support for Siblings.

Useful Links – National organisations

The Challenging Behaviour foundation – Charity for people with severe learning disabilities whose behaviour challenges.

Cerebra – Charity to support families with children with brain conditions

IPSEA – free independent legally based advice around getting the right education for your child. Advice line, Tribunal advice line and downloadable template letters and resources.

Sibs is a national organisation helping parents to understand and support their children through workshops, information and advice.  A website with information and the opportunity to ask questions and share experiences with other children.

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