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International Brain Tumour Awareness Week

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Brain tumours don’t always happen to other people.  They could happen to you, or to someone you love.  Read all about International Brain Tumour Awareness Week – and get your trainers on for Walk Around the World! Saturday 26th October through to Sunday 2nd November is the 13th International Brain Tumour Awareness Week.  All around the world (in over 100 countries, in fact), people will be encouraged to help increase awareness of brain tumours, learn [...]

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Carers Voice Newsletter Available Now

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The Autumn/Winter Newsletter is out now. Hello from our New Chief Executive, Sonia Mangan As the nights draw in, moods can change with some enjoying the comfort and cosiness of Autumn and Winter months, whilst others find this time of year difficult and often very isolating. My first message to you as the new Chief Executive for Carers Support West Sussex is; do not be alone as the year draws to an end. Get involved [...]

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MIND World Mental Health Day

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Today, 10th October is MIND World Mental Health Day.  Let’s bust some myths about mental health.  How would YOU like to get involved? IMPORTANT.  How Are You Today? No, really, it’s a serious question.  How ARE you?  Happy, sad, something in between?  Feeling positive about the future, we hope?  Perhaps things are going well - or maybe they could be a bit better.  Or, possibly a lot better.  There’s another day stretching out in front [...]

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Back Care Awareness Week

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Ouch.  This week is Back Care Awareness Week.  We’re definitely not taking this one lying down.  See what we did there? 8th -12th October 2019 is Back Care Awareness Week. Who knew? If you’ve got problems with your back, you’ll know about it. You’re in agony, whether it’s your lower or upper back.  Standing up hurts, as does moving, walking – living your life, basically. It dominates your waking hours and there are only so [...]

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