As I mentioned recently, the CES service referral numbers continue to rise which is putting a lot of strain on our lovely admin ladies.  Please can I ask when making CES referrals, that you bear the following in mind:

  • There is no need for you to complete any part of the EFI tab for CES referrals, only for referrals to Welbeing.  The admin ladies will complete the EFI tab at the time they place the order for the equipment.  They will then be able to accurately record the date the equipment was ordered and the exact cost of the equipment.

  • The new Monitoring Checklists needs to be completed re. equipment such as Watch & Care monitors, Wi fi Cameras and GPS Trackers (supplied under CES but not for referrals to Welbeing).  The completed forms need to be saved to Database Linked Correspondence Folder (DLCF) and attached to the referral email.  Emails long with the checklists, should also be cc’d to me,

  • Please do not forget to complete the Consent to Share on the Consent tab to confirm the carer has given consent to share contact details with the equipment supplier.

  • Any queries re type of equipment to be ordered, or where the budget will be exceeded, faulty equipment, hospital equipment issued, equipment to be collected etc should not be sent to but emailed to me, with no need to copy in CES.

Many thanks all for your continued support.