Dear all,

We (Carers Funds Team and Parent Carer Team) have been working in partnership with Val Evans (West Sussex Parent Carer Forum) to review the Parent Carer part of the CHWBF. In a desire to simplify and clarify for parents and our own staff and volunteers, there will be changes implemented form April 1st 2020.

You will receive detailed information ahead of April. I am sure you will welcome the changes to come as they will smooth out some of the differences that parent carers currently experience when applying for CHWBF.

• From 1st April 2020, applications will only need to go to panel by exception.
• All other applications will be processed by CSWS Carer Funds team in conjunction with a support plan and to ensure there is a health and wellbeing outcome for the carer.
• CSWS will provide WSPCF with quarterly data on spend, demographics, number of applicants etc.
• Forms and processes are being reviewed in line with these changes and information will be sent out in due course.

Just a reminder that nothing is changing til April 1st so please continue as we are now until advised otherwise.

Many thanks from all in the Parent Carer and Carer Funds teams.

Woman and Child