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Compassion, Kindness, Understanding and Community


Anne Hardy – Communications and Marketing Manager

Anne has been working for Carers Support since September 2015

With Carers Week upon us I challenged myself to develop a shortlist of values that I think would make a real difference to carers living in West Sussex.  I could have come up with a huge list of personal attributes that would make a difference to carers but I kept it to four – compassion, kindness, understanding and community.  During this week particularly it would be wonderful if every family and friend carer was shown understanding and compassion and treated with kindness by everyone in their community; those people they meet in their day to day life, their personal and professional contacts.

Carers Week is about celebrating the amazing contribution that carers make not only to the person who could not manage without their help but to every one of us in our community and society.  I say this because carers save the UK economy a dizzying £132 billion. To put that into perspective £1 billion would buy 147,000 state pensions or 12,000 hospital doctors for a year!  Most family and friend carers say that they are just doing their duty or just helping with the laundry, shopping, cleaning, medication, transport to medical appointments, the list is endless.  Many do not even recognise that they are carers.  They say they are a wife, mother, brother, son etc. and caring can either creep up on you or you can suddenly be plunged into it.  There are 89,000 carers in West Sussex, many of which are not registered for support.

We can all make a difference every day whether it is a simple smile or greeting or listening to someone who is struggling or providing a full offer of support.  This year in support of Carers Week if you live or work in West Sussex please ‘think carer’ and play your part in building Carer Friendly Communities across the County by:

  1. Being alert to those who are caring in your community and encouraging carers you know to register with Carers Support so they get an early offer of help and support

  2. considering if you could support Carers in West Sussex by Donating, Volunteering or Raising Funds

  3. helping to establish a network of Carer Friends across the County

“At Carers Support West Sussex we would like to see a local community that is full of people and organisations who show compassion, kindness and understanding to Carers…”

We have been touched by the kindness and generosity that local organisations have shown by offering Carers their support during Carers Week – we can’t thank them enough.   At Carers Support West Sussex we would like to see a local community that is full of people and organisations who show compassion, kindness and understanding to Carers and that is why following Carers Week we will be launching ‘Carer Friends’ – to recognise the people and organisations who make a difference to carers lives through small or large acts of kindness.  If you want to help us shape what Carer Friends could mean for Carers in West Sussex please e-mail


If you would like to make a donation to Carers Support West Sussex, please click on the image below.


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