As of Tuesday 17th March, we will now be remote working for the foreseeable future.

I realise that this can be a challenge for some of us and please continue to keep in contact with your managers.

I do need you to consider the simple guidance we have sent so far on home working and from experience and feedback from this morning I want to reiterate a number of points:

  • When you log in – in the morning please make sure you are on line and on teams – lets not spend time chasing each other to do that
  • Roger is going to do some basic videos for us all on this – but if you are experiencing difficulties with it contact a super user and/or your manager and they will talk you through how to get onto the system
  • Please book onto the response line shifts – I realise you may have some time on your referrals etc. but make sure you balance that with the phones
  • We are operating as business as usual but without face to face contact and that includes external meetings – if you are booked in to something ask them if you can call in – instead
  • If you do need to go into the office for something – please advise your manager and so we can manage contacts with each other and minimise risk
  • Windows 10 training is suspended and Nathan and Vanessa are working on something with regards to this and the will be more information about this to follow.

Thank you for your continued and lets focus on what we can do for Carers across the County and for each other in this difficult time