This month the CRM has really come along with in-depth reviews of screens and processes with the Core Team and other Team Leaders. The clarifications that this provided are being implemented and we aim to run some follow up sessions by the time you read this update. We are also hoping to see some of our data within the development system soon which will really bring the system to life. This step has been a little delayed due to changes that we are all dealing with in our daily lives, but the project continues apace, with us all now working remotely.

The next key stage is when the developers hand the system over to us for testing. This was planned to be by the end of March, but we will have to see if our on-line only interactions have slowed the project down at all. Hopefully the impact will be me minimal.

Our goal now, is to keep the project rolling for as long as we are able. This will increasingly be in our hands over the coming weeks. We will have to think laterally about how we test and ‘train out’ to good effect; but let’s get the system fully functional first – that is now the Core Team’s goal.