It has been sometime since I last gave everyone an update on where we are with the CRM project – lots has changed in the last few weeks!

Paul Harris who many of you will have met left us at the end of May at the end of his contracted period. To see us through the next exciting stage, Roger Bateman will be joining us from the middle of June as we enter the next phase of this project.

The RFP (Request for Proposal) document that sets out our full requirement has been sent out to our 3 preferred vendors who had until the end of May to respond. Myself and the trustees are now in the process of reviewing these responses with a view to inviting the vendors to present to us towards the end of June.

After we have read the responses and seen the presentations it is then the task of the steering committee (comprised of members of the leadership team and trustees) to recommend a provider to the board and FRSG (Finance & Risk Sub Group) before we then begin the contract negotiations.

Once the vendor is chosen, we will then start preparing for implementation and building an extensive training plan to ensure that all users are confident and fully skilled on the new system.

As mentioned in the team exchanges there will be other changes to IT over the coming months including necessary updates to our laptops and Windows operating systems to ensure we are using the most current and secure versions. We will keep you informed on this and other changes as things progress.

As always, if you have any questions or queries, please contact me.