We have managed to secure a new room at Dove Lodge in the hope of creating a bit more space and using the rooms more efficiently. We will be taking over room 26 on the top floor (directly above the current SPOC room) and we will be changing things around to use this as our community and group room. People booking the community room for meetings and training will need to consider access – there is a working stair lift to the top floor.

We will be leaving our main admin office on the top floor and moving this all down to the current community room which should create a lot more space and a better work environment. As a result, we will move the shredder, photocopier and tea station into the new admin room which should then also reduce traffic and noise in the SPOC room.

The move will be happening throughout June and July and room and desk bookings will just convert to the new room once changes are complete. Hopefully this working arrangement will work better for everyone. Any queries, please do speak to Vanessa.