February Staff Forum Update

The staff forum met for the first time this year on Thursday 7 February to discuss the topic of Pay and Benefits. The following attended; Amanda Evans, Astrid Stubbs, Julia Murray Logue, Jo Best, Laura King Neal Young, Sharon Bridle, Siobhan Anthony, Sue Knight and Vanessa Hasted with apologies from Alan Botterill, Bee Harradine-Miles and Rachel Calver. The meeting was chaired by Neal Young with notes taken by Julia Murray Logue.

For a full summary of the meeting please click here.

The forum looked at a list of pay & benefits currently offered by CSWS. It was felt that these benefits could be better promoted. There was then a general discussion on feedback to representatives on pay and benefits.

Neal Young summarised the agreed actions

  1. Posters to better promote the forum and encourage participation AS/JML

  2. Update and publicise benefits list JML/AE

  3. Posters and wallet size information cards to promote the BUPA service JML / AE

  4. Consider what CSWS can do to recognise length of service with regard to holidays and pay NY / JML to develop proposal for Leadership Team and Board

  5. Look at feasibility of a desk based review of roles and responsibilities with the staff forum moderating NY / JML to develop proposal for Leadership Team and Board

  6. Look at feasibility of an introductory rate of pay during probation JML / NY

Actions will be reviewed at the next meeting on 24 April together with the new topic of Communication and Future Planning.

Don’t forget the forum welcomes suggestions and contributions either through a forum member, to the whole staff forum via the new Staff Forum mailbox which can be found in the Outlook address book or anonymously through the staff forum page on our website using the password 123Staff123.