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Frailty, Physical or Sensory disability

Caring for someone with a frailty or a physical or sensory disability can be extremely challenging both physically and mentally. We can help support you and point you in the direction of other local and national services who may be able to help.

Useful Links

Age UK Home from Hospital provides support for you or the person you’re caring for on their discharge from hospital. Age UK could help with up to six weeks of free social or practical support.

We are a team of health professionals who aim to promote the health and wellbeing of carers. We are a free service provided by Sussex Community NHS Trust providing support for carers over the age of 18 registered with a West Sussex GP. We work directly with carers and will develop individual strategies for each carer with an aim to reduce the strain of coping with their caring role. We may, if it is necessary, also look at the health needs of the person who is being cared for.

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