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Lyn Chappell – Emotional Wellbeing Programme Lead

Every year, like so many people, we get out our Christmas decorations.  These are the same ones that we carefully boxed up last year.  There is one in particular which catches my eye;  a silver tree decoration.  Just one word – ‘hope’.  But to paraphrase something from another well-known charity  – hope is for life not just for Christmas.

I’ve worked with carers for nearly twelve years and one of the themes most talk about is the hope things will change:

  • They hope the person they care for will be in less pain;

  • Their condition will improve;

  • Their illness will progress less;

  • That their lives will be: better, different, less stressful.

As human beings we keep that hope alive and no matter what fate throws at us we hold it in our hearts.

When I talk to carers, in workshops or perhaps on a one to one basis I marvel at how well they manage everything they do.  This is the season that we all hope for change.  Even when we make New Year Resolutions to make changes for the better, perhaps how we look or what we do,  I would suggest the one thing we need to do more is to keep positive about ourselves.  In my view each carer is wonderful, manages so much and is pretty amazing.  Don’t you agree?

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