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Hospital Teams

Are you or the person you’re caring for being admitted or readmitted to hospital?

Carers Support Hospital Team work with 13 Acute and Community hospitals across West Sussex, including East Surrey, Princess Royal, Royal Sussex County, St Richards and Worthing General Hospitals and the county’s many community hospitals.

We offer support to all carers, attending hospital whether you or the person you care for are the admitted patient

Due to current Coronavirus restrictions all face to face work has ceased to ensure the safety of our carers, hospital partners and staff. Our Hospital service continue to remotely support carers to assist with hospital communication and discharge planning during these difficult times.

Discharge planning support:

Carers Support staff can help you to have a better understanding of the discharge process, have your wishes and thoughts put across to the hospital professionals and ensure that thoughts and wishes effecting the patient and family are discussed.

We work with a number of partner charities across West Sussex to ensure each carer is able to access the appropriate support on discharge to meet individual needs.

· Carers Health Team

· Age UK - Take home and settle and home from hospital

· Guild Care

· TuVida

Western Sussex Trust including St Richards, Worthing General Hospitals; and Brighton and Sussex Trust including Princess Royal and Royal Sussex county Brighton Hospitals have merged. They are now known as University Hospitals Sussex Trust. Information on the hospitals, departments and services can be found here.

Worthing Hospital

Visiting Patients and Carers Passports

Carers Passports for Carers of patients with Dementia that are normally used within the Trust are still accepted on some wards however the usual guidelines associated with these Passports cannot be guaranteed whilst there is restricted visiting and wards will make individual case by case decisions. Please consult with ward staff or visit: for regular updates.

Western Trust is still running the message to loved ones scheme: -

Emails can be sent to and the messages will be printed and laminated for delivery to the wards Monday to Friday. Patients who cannot read these independently will be supported.

New Dementia Ward

On 01/03/2021 Burlington Ward opened as a Dementia specific unit with its first patients being moved in.

St Richard’s Hospital – Chichester

Please make contact with the ward or visit for up to date information.

Princess Royal Hospital – Haywards Heath

Please make contact with the ward or visit for up to date information.

East Surrey Hospital – Redhill

The Carers Passport at East Surrey Hospital

When you or the person you care for are admitted onto a ward, identify yourself to a ward sister as the main carer and request a Carers Passport.

The benefits to carers are:

· Gives a discount on hot food in the Three Arches restaurant on the first floor.

· Parking is capped at a reduced daily price and carers have the freedom to come and go as often as required and stay as long as needed

· Carers are able to continue providing care support to their loved one on the ward

· Carers can access teas and coffees free of charge on the ward

· The passport is recorded in the patients file so that it is highlighted to all staff caring for the patient that they have an unpaid carer

· By obtaining the Carers Passport you can request a referral to Carers Support hospital team who are based within this hospital and will be able to give you face to face support and guidance through the hospital journey and getting the best for the person you are caring for.

Our Services

If you are already registered with us please contact us via email at to request a card.

If you are not registered with us please complete our online registration form below