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Hospital Teams

Are you or the person you’re caring for being admitted or readmitted to hospital?

Carers Support has teams working at the three largest hospitals in West Sussex, as well as East Surrey Hospital and the county’s many community hospitals. We can offer support to carers, whether it’s you or the person you’re caring for who’s being admitted

Discharge planning support:

Carers Support staff will attend discharge planning (family) meetings at your request as an advocate and support for you. This can help you to have a better understanding of the discharge process, have your wishes and thoughts put across to the hospital professionals and to ensure that thoughts and wishes effecting the patient and family are discussed.


British Redcross Home from Hospital for Carers service, working with Carers Support, can offer practical and emotional support for you, the carer, and the person you are looking after. This service is free, and is for people over 18 year of age. You’ll get up to six visits, each lasting one and a half hours. We can come and visit you whilst the person you are caring for is still in hospital and discuss the support you may need when upon discharge from hospital or we can contact you after discharge.

The service can support you by:

  • arranging respite from your caring role
  • assistance with shopping, light housework and meal preparation
  • form filling
  • offering companionship
  • rebuilding confidence
  • support for health visits
  • signposting to other support agencies.

Worthing Hospital

St Richard’s Hospital – Chichester

Princess Royal Hospital – Haywards Heath

East Surrey Hospital – Redhill

The Carers Passport at East Surrey Hospital

When you or the person you care for are admitted onto a ward, identify yourself to the ward manager as the main carer and request a Carers Passport.

The benefits to carers are:

  • Gives a discount on hot food in the Three Arches restaurant on the first floor.
  • Parking is capped at a reduced daily price and carers have the freedom to come and go as often as required and stay as long as needed
  • Carers are able to continue providing care support to their loved one on the ward
  • Carers can access teas and coffees free of charge on the ward
  • The passport is recorded in the patients file so that it is highlighted to all staff caring for the patient that they have an unpaid carer
  • By obtaining the Carers Passport you can request a referral to Carers Support hospital team who are based within this hospital and will be able to give you face to face support and guidance through the hospital journey and getting the best for the person you are caring for.

For more information, visit

Information stands:

Carers Support have an information stand in the East Entrance corridor in the first week of each month. You will be able to find county specific information about support in your caring role and have the opportunity to identify yourself as a carer.

Information points:

East Surrey Hospital have really got behind Carers Support and have implemented some information points around the hospital. Including:

  • Digital screens in the café’s and restaurant
  • Carers boards in each ward corridor which are filled with contact information and services to support for all needs
  • The PALs team will be happy to make a referral to a hospital based Carers Support representative on your behalf.

So keep an eye out for information on getting support as an unpaid carer while in East Surrey Hospital.

Our Hospital Teams are also available at the following Community Hospitals:

Crawley Hospital

Horsham Hospital

Home from Hospital clinic:

This is held every other Wednesday afternoon in the Dining room on Horizon ward. Patients and their loved ones can come and meet with staff from support agencies in the local area, including Carers Support West Sussex, Carers Health Team and many more. To discuss appropriate support available to them in the community in preparation for hospital discharge. Speak with the ward staff regarding dates and to be booked on to the next available space.

Support with Attendance Allowance forms:

Carers and patients can have support as an inpatient with completing Attendance Allowance forms by the Occupational Therapy Team on Horizon ward. Please speak to the ward staff to arrange this support.

Midhurst Hospital

Bognor Regis War Memorial Hospital

Zachary Merton Hospital (Rustington)

Arundel Hospital

Salvington (Worthing)

Kleinwort Centre (Haywards Heath)