Please can I remind you that if you wish to book out the CES equipment to take to a Support Group or an event, please do not email me direct but use the appropriate calendar in Microsoft Outlook.  It is possible to check their availability and book them (one held in Dove Lodge, Littlehampton and the other at The Orchard, Crawley) using these calendars.  They are named CES Littlehampton and CES Crawley.

They should be accessed in the same way as if you were booking a desk.  One more important point for me to make is that it is very very important that the length of time they are booked out for should cover the whole time that you need them, ie from the time and date you wish to collect them until the time and date you will return them to the office.  The maximum bookable time duration for the booking is 5 working days (or 7 days including weekends).

I hope that makes sense, any queries please do not hesitate to contact me.