Today, Sunday 13th September, is National Dementia Carers Day. NDCD was founded by a group of organisations including Alzheimer’s society and SweetTree Home Care Services, with the aim of raising awareness of and supporting the role of unpaid dementia carers. Caring for a loved one with dementia poses many challenges for families and caregivers. Living with dementia requires having the right care, and it’s time to recognise and share what it means to be a carer.

With NDCD, they hope to achieve:

  • Recognition for carers
  • Dementia awareness
  • Dementia friendly communities
  • Support the dementia challenge
  • Positive press
  • Empower people living with dementia
  • Transparency of care
  • Joint working and information sharing

To help in raising awareness and recognition, the organisers are collecting stories on the unique ways in which carers support someone living with dementia. All of the submissions they receive will be read by representatives from the Alzheimer’s Society and SweetTree Home Care Services to be shortlisted for the shared stories page throughout the NDCD campaign. You can submit your story online through the campaign website here. You can read the stories collected so far on their Stories of Support page.

Part of the campaign is also encouraging people to recognise a dementia carer they know. Some suggestions are to send flowers, to cook someone their favourite meal, or even to hold a dementia awareness event in your local area. Both NDCD and Carers Support West Sussex would love to hear about any plans to recognise a dementia carer you know.

You can find out more on the National Dementia Carer Day website here:

Remember we have a specialised team dedicated to supporting Dementia carers. Find out more on our website here, call our Response Line on 0300 028 8888 or email