CHAT Workshop for carers of adults with a learning disability

We have a new Carers Health and Training workshop for carers of an adult with a learning disability coming up on April 3rd at the Chatsworth Hotel in Worthing.  There are more details about the day and timings etc on the webpage here.

Wednesday 3rd April Chatsworth Hotel, The Steyne, Worthing, BN11 3DU

10:00am- 2:15pm Lunch will be provided

A day for carers to share and learn from each other and Learning Disability health professionals.  Take time for you, meeting other carers and try a relaxation session.Learning Together Come, chat and share ideas about the person you care for.

Communication – different ways to help people with a learning disability communicate

Physical health – getting older with a learning disability

Mental Health – recognising changes for people with a learning disability

Sensory Needs – when might behaviour be a sensory issue

Time For You

Relaxation Take some time to try our guided introduction to relaxation.

Informal time meeting other carers, health professionals and conversation.

The CHAT project aims to encourage open peer to peer discussion, learning and support, with carers and LD health professionals working together.