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Nicky is a Dementia Carer Wellbeing Support Worker with Carers Support West Sussex.  Here she writes about working on one-to-one support via our mailbox.

This week I have contacted a carer who lives in Chichester.  She was referred to me via the Dementia mailbox.  This carer has already been attending the Support For All Group in Chichester and will continue to do so as she doesn’t have a car and the group fulfills her needs at the moment.

We jointly completed the Carer Concerns which gave us both the ability to talk about relationships and check that she has received appropriate help from other services including Benefits and Finance – she has and is in receipt of Attendance Allowance.  This carer’s life has been complicated as she has returned from overseas to look after her mother but she has been well supported by Occupational Therapists and Social Services and they fund daily visits for personal hygiene for mum which is when the Carer has 30 minutes respite and goes out for a short walk.   The Carer and her mother are safe and enjoying a good quality of life at the moment.  This carer has been very pro-active and has been to the Tangmere Hub with mum and to the Newell Centre in Chichester for their Carers Meeting.  She does not need to see me but would like any dementia specific information that I can pass on by e mail, which I do along with her support plan.  She is extremely happy with the support she has received from everyone and will contact me if she needs any more help and sent me an e mail today saying how lucky she is.

Then I have another carer on our Sussex/Surrey boundary.  I telephoned and spoke to her briefly because she was off to take her husband to Alzheimer’s Society Day Care in Haslemere.  This was really good as I had researched that this was a good option for her and is evidence for me of  the resourcefulness of carers.  She also told me that she goes to the Grange in Midhurst with her husband which was another venue I had researched for her.  I arranged to speak with her again this morning but as she is out I have sent her an e mail giving her details of our Open for All group in Midhurst (copied to facilitators) and our forthcoming events at the Grange with MIND 16/5 as part of Dementia Awareness week and in Petworth 27th June.  I also sent her Dementia Specific information from the Alzheimer’s Society (Road Less Rocky) and an application for the Emergency Alert Card.

It’s really good when Carers have e mails and I do always check but it has saved me a lot of time being able to talk with them on the phone and still feel that they have had personal support.


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  1. Graham. May 19, 2017 at 4:11 pm - Reply

    my wife has huntintons disease I live in Southampton and her full time carer at home , is there anybody else living in Southampton a full time carer for a chat my name is Graham.

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