Please be aware that the following have changed their names.

  • CTLD, Community Team Learning Disability, (formerly CTPLD) will be known in the future as Community Lifelong Services( Adults ) Team. This to reflect changes in structure to join up SEND Children’s social services, transition teams and Adult LD social services. The term CTLD may still be in use for a while.

  • CBST, was the Challenging Behaviour Support Team- this is now the “ Enhanced Behaviour Support Team “ a specialist team for people with a learning disability.

  • CRI Drugs and Alcohol services, changed years ago- it is now CGL Change Grow Live, drugs and alcohol service, and we receive referrals from them into the response line, they will ask you to set up a password the first time you respond.

The following database changes have been made to reflect these new names, in the dropdowns in the Referral Actions tab (‘Who Referred Carer’), and in Contact History (‘Onward Referral’:

  • ‘CTPLD’ has been changed to ’CLST (Learning Dis)’. We had to abbreviate this from Community Lifelong Services( Adults ) Team to fit in the dropdown.

  • ‘CBCST Learning diff’ has been changed to ‘EBST Learning dis ( Enhanced Behaviour Support Team)’.

  • ‘CRI’ has been changed to ‘CGL’. Again, this is an abbreviation to make it fit in the dropdown.”