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Carer Learning and Wellbeing Programme

Carer Learning and Wellbeing Programme 2018-10-30T17:28:05+00:00

Our Carer Learning and Wellbeing Programme is a series of workshops designed to improve carer health and wellbeing. Places will be available to book from 7am August 1st

Please read before booking your place

  • Our Carer Learning and Wellbeing Programme is available for any carer registered with Carers Support West Sussex.  To register yourself as a carer please go to

  • If, once you’ve booked your place you find that you are unable to attend, please cancel your ticket or let us know by calling 0300 028 8888.  This is to ensure anyone on the waiting list is then able to take your place.

Carer Learning and Wellbeing Programme 2019
Click here for details on how to book your place

Creativity & You
Whether it’s working with clay, paint, making corn dollies or other art forms, this course will help you enjoy the health and wellbeing benefits of art.

Technology and You *New Workshop*
Find out more about our Carer Equipment Service, how to access West Sussex County Council’s free Jointly app and a host of other free digital tools to help you in your caring role as well as your own wellbeing.

Wills and Power of Attorney
An interactive session where carers are invited to bring any questions they have around WPA.  The session is run by lawyers who will answer your questions and provide expert guidance on areas to consider.

Building Resilience *New Workshop*
Carers are exposed to high levels of daily stress.  This workshop looks at building resilience in your role as a carer. Learn some practical and straightforward tips to use at home

Living With Guilt
Many carers feel guilty about emotions, feelings and aspects of their lives. This session helps carers to learn to live positively with their emotions.

Healthy Relationships
Keeping your relationships with others positive when you are in a caring role can be difficult.  This session offers helpful advice and techniques on how to better manage those relationships.

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