The Carer Equipment Service can help carers to access equipment and assistive technology to help maintain and enhance independence and peace of mind in their caring roles.  

Carers Support Carer Equipment Service

Our team is available to help discuss your caring situation and help you choose and access the equipment that is right for you and the person you care for.


Droplet Hydration Intelligence Kit

Product Description: The Droplet is a hydration reminder system developed to remind you to drink and keep hydrated.  The illuminating base gives a visual reminder to take a drink and it plays preset messages when it's time to drink which can be personalised by loved ones.  The timer can be [...]


One Cup Hot Water Dispenser

Product Description: This device dispenses one cup of boiling water at the touch of a button, so you only boil what you need. Variable dispenser - choose from nine cup sizes - plus manual stop facility for full control. This piece of equipment can be supplied under the Carer [...]


Telephone with Photos

Product Description: This telephone is especially helpful for people with dementia or limited dexterity or cognitive impairments.  You can simply store a telephone number against a familiar face in the photo compartment, then to dial simply press the photo button. This piece of equipment can be supplied under the [...]


Plug In Automatic Night Light

Product Description: A night light for any room with a mains socket, provides comfort and reassurance and is a helpful tool for the prevention of falls.  LED technology emits a 5 watt warm light that lasts over 30,000 hours with low power consumption.  Light sensor switches on automatically when dark and [...]


Tipping Frame for Pill Dispenser

Product Description: A tipping frame can be supplied for those people with insufficient strength or limited dexterity to lift and dispense their medication.  The tipping frame comes supplied with a bowl to catch the pills when it is tipped.  The frame fits all Pivotell dispensers. This piece of equipment [...]


Object Locator/Key Finder

Product Description: People with memory issues can often mislay items around the home causing frustration.  This gadget offers a simplistic solution.  Simply attach the object locator (via key ring or vecro) to items such as keys, wallets, and purses.  To find the missing object, press the corresponding label on the labelled [...]


Small Pill Dispenser

Product Description: This is a compact sized dispenser which can fit into a pocket or small bag, making it convenient for taking out and about.  The alarm (audio, vibrate or both) facility reminds you to take your medication up to 5 times a day, or once a day for 5 days. [...]



Product Description: This is a useful device which helps to prevent the risk of floods and scalds.  It has a pressure release mechanism which is automatically activated to help prevent flooding.  The plug also incorporates a heat sensitive pad that will change colour when the temperature reaches normally at around 32 [...]


Handy Bar

Product Description: This equipment is useful to people who need help getting in and out of their cars.  It inserts into the U-shaped catch on the car's door frame.  When in position, the Handy Bar creates a safe, solid support handle to help with standing.  The Handy Bar also incorporates [...]


GPS Tracker Watch

Product Description: Assure Slim SOS GPS Location Mobile Watch-Phone—This is a 3 in 1 device that can be worn to help enhance freedom and provide peace of mind.  It is a standalone watch/phone as well as a GPS  tracking device.  It is splash proof , it has a SOS Emergency [...]


Door/Window Alarm

Product Description: This unit comprises of a pager and a door/window transmitter with magnet.  When a door or window is opened a signal is transmitted to the portable pager. This piece of equipment can be supplied under the Carer Equipment Service.


Digital Clock with Day and Date

Product Description: This clock is specifically designed for people with memory loss, visual impairment and Dementia.   You can easily switch between the clock showing the time (12 & 24 hr) day, month and year or have it display “Now its Saturday Morning”. This piece of equipment can be supplied [...]


Large Button Mobile Phone

Product Description: An easy to use, robust, pay as you go mobile phone.  The separated keys are large, the screen is clear and the volume is clear and loud.  It also has an SOS button on the back for use in an emergency. This piece of equipment can be [...]


Analogue Day/Night Wall Clock

Product Description: This clock has a basic analogue design with an image disc that rotates with the hour hand.  The image changes depending on the time,  showing a blue sky with the sun during the daytime, a dark blue sky with stars and the moon at night.  Additionally, in large [...]


Chair Sensor Pad

Product Description: This high quality Chair Sensor Pad and Alarm Unit will let you know when the person you are caring for is getting up from their chair. The sensor pad, which is made of a soft vinyl (incontinence protected) with an interior layer of foam for added comfort. From [...]

West Sussex County Council 13 week free trial

In addition to our Carer Equipment Service, we can also refer carers to a 13 week free trial of Telecare equipment funded by West Sussex County Council and NHS West Sussex.  Examples of the equipment available include, Lifeline Unit and Pendant, Key Safe, Falls Detectors, GPS Trackers and Lifestyle Monitoring System.


Pillow Alert

Product Description: Placed under the pillow and uses vibration to alert the sleeping user of various calls and alerts. Can be connected to the Bellman alarm clock, the portable receiver and the flashing beacon. This piece of equipment is available on a 13 week free trial of Telecare equipment funded [...]


GSM unit

Product Description: If you are in a location where there is no landline, or installing a landline is too expensive or not feasible, a base unit that works using a mobile phone network could help. Supplied on an all inclusive basis including mobile network, connections and calls. This piece [...]


Vitalbase Falls Detector

Product Description: The VitalBase Falls Detector is a wrist worn fall detector designed to identify a serious fall that leads to a state of immobility and/or unconsciousness of the user.  If such a fall is detected, the detector vibrates to alert the user that it is about to send a [...]


Vibralite 8

Product Description: The Vibralite 8 reminds the user with an audible alarm and/or vibrate only setting, when to take medication or what to do at pre-programmed times. This piece of equipment is available on a 13 week free trial of Telecare equipment funded by West Sussex County Council and NHS [...]



Product Description: This service can assist customers health and wellbeing as they have a real person call to their telephone to remind them to take medication, eat a meal, have a drink etc.  Can also provide reassurance calls for customers where other technology is not practical or suitable to the [...]


Smoke Detector

Product Description: This piece of equipment provides increased reassurance by activating an audible alarm and a call to the monitoring centre (if appropriate) if smoke is detected.  It can be provided as a stand-alone piece of equipment or as periphery equipment to be connected to a Lifeline Unit. This [...]


Radio Pull Cord

Product Description: This wireless device can be placed around the home (typically in a bathroom), in order to provide a user with a convenient means of summoning help in an emergency. The device would be connected to a Lifeline Unit. This piece of equipment is available on a 13 week [...]


Property Exit Sensor

Product Description: The property exit sensor helps to improve the safety of vulnerable people who may be prone to leaving the home and putting themselves at risk.  The alarm can be set to activate for certain periods of the day and will raise an alert to either the monitoring centre [...]


Portable Pager

Product Description: Can be used within the home environment and can be configured to be connected to any compatible assistive technology, i.e. epilepsy sensor, enuresis sensor, door exit sensor, pendant etc. This piece of equipment is available on a 13 week free trial of Telecare equipment funded by West Sussex [...]


Pill Dispenser

Product Description: At the pre-programmed times, the dispenser carousel inside rotates, the alarm signal is heard and the correct dosage appears at the opening in the lid.  The carousel has 28 compartments.  The dispenser helps guard against not taking medication or overdosing.  It can also be linked to a Lifeline [...]


Passive Infrared Sensor

Product Description: Passive Infrared Sensor (PIR) — PIRs are wireless movement detectors that can be used to detect both movement (intruder monitoring) and lack of movement (inactivity monitoring). The sensor would be connected to a Lifeline Unit. This piece of equipment is available on a 13 week free trial of [...]


One Call Service

Product Description: Silicone wristband with unique identity number and Welbeing’s 24/7 emergency telephone number. This allows medical and emergency service personnel to access vital recorded details for an individuals needs. Or personal information such as next of kin details, allergies, dependents data etc. This piece of equipment is available [...]


Natural Gas Detector

Product Description: This equipment is for people who can forget to light a gas fire, ignite a gas ring or just leave the gas on, a natural gas detector will provide an early warning of dangerous levels of gas.  The Detector can be connected to a Lifeline Unit. This [...]


MyAmie Pendant

Product Description: The MyAmie is a small, discreet pendant, worn around the neck, belt or wrist, which allows the user to raise an alarm call in an emergency via the Lifeline Unit even if the home unit is out of reach in another room or the user is in the garden.  [...]


Minuet Watch

Product Description: The Minuet Watch can be worn as an alternative to the standard MyAmie pendant personal alarm trigger which is used with the Lifeline Unit.  It combines a Swiss high quality waterproof watch, with an alarm button. This piece of equipment is available on a 13 week free trial of [...]



Product Description: It can be worn on the wrist or as a pendant. It is designed to offer security and reassurance to the vulnerable at home by providing an easy and convenient way for friends and relatives to keep in touch or call direct to Welbeing’s contact centre. At the [...]


Mem-X Voice Memory Aid

Product Description: This equipment is a portable voice memory aid designed for those with some memory loss.  It tells the user what tasks they have to do at what time in a pre-recorded voice, from special events or appointments to taking medication.  Allows up to 90 messages of 10 seconds [...]


Memo Minder

Product Description: This piece of equipment plays back a pre-recorded message of up to 20 seconds when motion is detected nearby.  For example, it can remind someone who is ill to take medication or leave the chain on the door before opening. This piece of equipment is available on [...]


Liquefied Petroleum Gas Detector

Product Description: This equipment detects the presence of the liquefied petroleum gas. The detector would be connected to a Lifeline Unit. This piece of equipment is available on a 13 week free trial of Telecare equipment funded by West Sussex County Council and NHS West Sussex.  There are ongoing costs [...]


Lifeline VI Unit

Product Description: These Lifeline home units form intelligent centres at the heart of the home to help all kinds of people of all ages to live independently.  These units can be used to raise an alarm call from anywhere in the home by simply pressing a radio trigger, the large [...]


Key Safe

Product Description: Key safes are fitted outside a property and can only be opened with a code.  If the services of a monitoring centre are being used, the code will only be passed on to the emergency services who can gain access to your property quickly, without forced entry.  Key [...]


iVi Intelligent Pendant

Product Description: This equipment can be used as an alternative to the standard MyAmie Pendant.  It’s a small, lightweight device and like other pendants, the iVi allows the wearer to press a help button to generate an alarm call when they need help from anywhere in their home, 24 hours [...]


Heat Detector

Product Description: The wireless heat detector provides additional protection against the risk of fire in rooms where smoke detectors are unsuitable, such as a kitchen. Has an audible alert.  The device would be connected to a Lifeline Unit. This piece of equipment is available on a 13 week free trial of [...]


GPS Tracker Vega

Product Description: This equipment is worn just like a watch and has a two-way speaker phone.  Using the latest GPS technology, it can help locate the user should the alarm be raised and is connected to a monitoring centre 24 hours a day.  The unit has an SOS panic button, [...]


GPS Tracker GT300

Product Description: This is a versatile device and ideal for younger people with learning difficulties, people with acquired brain injury or older people who are worried about falling or getting lost outside.  It has an SOS button which can trigger alerts and open a voice channel to friends, family and [...]