We can offer one to one counselling at venues near to you where you can talk to a professional counsellor, who can give you the opportunity to explore how things are for you. 


Counsellors are there to help you talk through and look at your feelings, so that you can reach a better understanding of your situation.  In doing so you can make the right choice for you when faced with difficult decisions or learn to cope with difficult situations to the best of your ability.   Our counsellors are available at local venues across West Sussex.

Callback Service

Caring can sometimes become very isolating so hearing a friendly voice can help to relieve this. The Telephone Call Back Service offers support to carers in their own home who are isolated due to their caring role, giving them an opportunity to share anything they want to talk about with an understanding listener.

The service provides a confidential and understanding listening ear, for carers to share their feelings and concerns in a supportive and non- judgemental way