PAPA (positive approaches partnering autism) Workshops for  families and carers of autistic people 16+ – Oct 26th and Nov 2nd in Worthing!

Our last PAPA workshops of the year are coming up. Feedback from carers shows that they find the workshops really helpful in their caring role and understanding autism.

Please do promote these to families and carers of an autistic person when you are on the Response Line.

Saturday 26th Oct , Day 1 An introduction to ASD,  Communication,  Change and Motivation,  Reflection

Saturday 2nd November An introduction to ASD, Relationships, Anxiety and mental health, Sensory Differences, Reflection

More Details on the Groups and Workshops page on our website


Audrey, Cathy  and Sheryl thank you all for the referrals you have made for learning disability carers to the Learning Disability Mailbox. Please keep sending them in.

Parents and families of people with a learning disability have been caring for a long time, and therefore have different expectations of what services might provide, as well as a very different approach or view of the caring role.

If you talk to a carer caring for someone with a learning disability, please always  ask them if they would like further information from, and to speak with  or make contact with our Learning Disability carer workers ( please do not use the word “ team”.)

 Also always ask them if they would like to receive monthly updates from us with information specifically for those caring for someone with a learning disability. Then tick the subscription tab and learning disability information.

They will know about what specialist services maybe available , specialist information, about finding support, helath support, moving on,  or planning for the future.

 Please keep sending those referrals in.