Please find some information about the practical support available through Workplace Options below. You can login to their membership area here.The username is Carers Support West Sussex and the password is employee.

In the day-to-day lives of working people, situations arise that pull their attention away from their jobs.  Whether it is a child, parent or loved one that needs care, an upcoming relocation, travel, housing maintenance, legal or financial matters, or something else, a troubling issue can be a distraction or even cause absences from work.

Practical support or “work-life” consultation, personalised research and resources can help employees address situations in their lives and stay focused on their jobs when they need to be. With Workplace Options’ practical support programmes, they can get information on a nearly limitless range of topics including:

  • Dependent Care: child care and parenting; adult care and aging; and care for individuals with a special need or disability
  • Information Services: a variety of day-to-day concerns such as home maintenance, travel, housing or relocation
  • Wellness: fitness centres and alternative medicine
  • Financial: credit and debt, budgeting, taxation, benefits, mortgages, insurance
  • Legal: consumer rights, matrimonial law, traffic issues, civil litigation, tenancy, wills and probate

Additional details about some of our practical wellbeing support products and services can be found on our website.