Since the last Information Exchange (Dec ’19) our CRM solutions provider, Cloud9, have been making headway on the creation of the component parts, for our new system. The core definitions and relationships have been largely done.

As Cloud9 are working in an “Agile” manner, they also have parallel resource working on other activities, namely integrating a grand version of a calendar (which will show multiple resources). This work is very early days, but is indicative of their approach.

In line with this methodology, we will be conducting a Sprint/Design review with them on the 30th Jan, at their offices in Brighton. This is a key milestone and will allow us to understand the remaining work content and therefore get a better handle on the schedule. We will soon start to look at data migration too, which will be the next significant piece of work. This should run in parallel with the continued development of the system.

Much work remains, but progress is being made with a good working practice established with the project’s core delivery team. Next month, we will see ‘train the trainer’ training in Billingshurst, which will be followed up with a training plan.