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Free PPE for all non-registered carers

Those who care for others can now access free PPE from West Sussex County Council.

This new offer is available as central Government has provided the county council with more PPE supplies.

Now, all those providing care who are not registered with the Care Quality Commission, for example, personal assistants and family and friend carers, and who need to wear PPE due to COVID-19, can request this free of charge. Please note, this is only for carers who need to wear PPE due to COVID-19 and are having to delivery close personal contact in line with national guidelines.

The offer is in place until end of March 2021, after which time, it will be reviewed. All people need to do is register with the county council and complete a form confirming their required PPE supply.

Please help share this information with anyone you know who may benefit.

For more details and to complete the registration and order, visit the county council’s website.