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2021: Make a resolution that you can keep

The new year is always the time we traditionally make our resolutions: keep fit, lose weight or give up smoking and we often only keep them for a few weeks. This year why not make a resolution that you will keep to all year by giving some time to support carers in your community?

We would like to offer you the opportunity to help carers who are isolated or alone. All it would take is a few hours of your time each week. By giving the gift of time, you can make a huge difference to someone else’s life.

This year more than ever, carers have been isolated during the pandemic as many of the respite services have been paused meaning that carers had lost out on time for themselves or to connect with others.

To overcome these pressures, we have developed two new services to support carers to get connected again either digitally or through social chats over the telephone; Check in and Chat Telephone Befriending and Digital Champions. If you love to have a social chat or are the “go to” person in your home that helps with all things digital, we would love to hear from you.

One of our carers who receives a regular weekly call from a volunteer recently said

“I am finding life easier where I felt alone before now, I have something to look forward to each week”

A carer we helped access online services said:

“A tablet means I can join a virtual support group. Sharing experiences with other carers is always a help. As are the other benefits this can bring, such as being able to get virtual GP appointments.”

This year make a resolution that you will make a difference, by giving your time to others.

To read more about the roles and how to get involved here.