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Podcasts for Carers

podcasts for carers

Podcasts are a great form of relaxation and escape. You can listen to them anywhere: while getting chores done, while driving, or to help you fall asleep. They’re also a fun way to learn more and to be inspired.

We’ve assembled this list of the best podcasts for and about carers. Hear from other carers, healthcare professionals and other experts.

Who Cares Wins

A podcast from Kyro and James at Mobilise, Who Cares Wins shares the stories, wisdom and experience of people who have been caring for a loved one across the UK. Great for carers who want to hear the experiences of others and perhaps learn something along the way.

In Search of the Invisible Army, the Caregivers’ Story

In this podcast mini-series, you will hear emotional accounts directly from caregivers who share their experiences, interviews with their healthcare professionals to understand the support that’s currently available, alongside major carer charities and leading experts who describe the vital importance of the caregiver in today’s healthcare system.


Variety’s regular Pod-Ability podcast series explores the unseen, complex challenges facing the parents and families of disabled children, offering in-depth discussion as well as practical suggestions and signposting.

Dementia Together

Dementia together, the magazine of Alzheimer’s Society, is produced six times a year for everyone in the dementia movement and anyone affected by the condition. They share some stories from their magazine as podcasts for people to listen to, on their own or with others.

Age Space

The Age Space podcasts are a series of informal and lively chats between Age Space founder Annabel James and a whole range of experts in industries such as finance, health, psychiatry, travel and transport. In the episodes, which are freely available to listen to, we get to grips with some of the complexities of old age and elderly care for anyone supporting parents or relatives.

Mental Health Foundation

The Mental Health Foundation’s regular podcast features interviews with a number of interesting people involved in mental health, including people who have experienced mental health problems, campaigners and mental health experts. They also have a series of mindfulness podcasts to improve your wellbeing.