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Share the love of dogs with BorrowMyDoggy

Since losing her springer spaniel last year, our Dementia Carer Team Coordinator Astrid borrows Noodle

Did you know the UK is a nation of dog lovers? It’s estimated that 44% of households own dogs; that is 21 million households with around 51 million dogs!

And it’s no surprise - spending time with a dog benefits not only our physical health but our mental health too. Studies have linked memory improvement, lower blood pressure, and increased social interaction to dog walking and care.

However for some of us it’s not possible to own a dog at the moment - from caring and work commitments to renting a property. There is good news, dog sharing platforms, like BorrowMyDoggy offer the ‘pawfect’ solution.

What is BorrowMyDoggy?

BorrowMyDoggy is an online platform that connects dog owners with local trusted people that would love to take care of their dog simply because they miss spending time with one, rather than for a profit. By sharing the care of a dog, everyone wins!

● Dog owners get peace of mind knowing their dog is being cared for 1 on 1, by a genuine and insured dog lover

● Borrowers get to spend quality time with a friendly local dog when they otherwise couldn’t

● Dogs get more exercise, socialisation, attention, spend less time alone and most importantly, receive extra love.

How does it work?

Anyone can join the UK’s largest dog sharing community. It is free to sign up and to create a profile - just write about yourself and why you’d love to borrow a dog, or if you’re a dog owner you’d share more about your pooch.

Matches are based on location and availability. Once signed up you’re able to take a look at the dogs or borrowers in your local area and see if they would suit your requirements.

If you have find a member you’d like to connect with there is a membership fee to help cover the cost of safety features, these include:

● Accident and Third Party Liability insurance

● Safety checks

● 24/7 vet line

Once subscribed to the annual membership there are no additional costs, as borrowers help out as they want to spend time with a dog and owners shouldn’t expect or offer payment.

BorrowMyDoggy is all about getting to know each other really well before a dog is borrowed. It is important that everyone is happy, comfortable and trust has been established, just as you would with a dog walker or even a babysitter. This is done through frequent communication and going for a “Welcome Woof”, which is the first walk together. It is recommended that this takes place in a neutral place like a local park or cafe. If both parties feel it’s a good fit, another walk can be arranged until both borrower, owner and dog are happy to be borrowed.

Why share dogs?

There are a number of benefits of joining dog sharing websites like BorrowMyDoggy, particularly as a carer. Here are a few:

● Get outside and walking - borrowing a dog is a great way to get more exercise and increase your daily step count

● Take a break - For carers a respite from your daily routine can help you have a change of scene occasionally. Borrowing a dog doesn’t have to be a regular or fixed time each week. Some owners are flexible in their requirements and are happy to have a more flexible arrangement.

● Improve mental wellbeing - loneliness and isolation can take a toll on your mental health, but spending time with a dog can help you feel not only connected to someone else but can spark conversations with people out and about.

Interested in joining BorrowMyDoggy? Take a look at their dog loving community here.